Saturday, September 29, 2007

UFO in progress

This is the Martha Cardigan from Rowan magazine number 37. I'm doing the beaded version with Rowan 4 ply cotton in Steel Blue.

Takes such a long time to knit with and its kinda dry to touch while knitting, though its quite a soft fabric once finished.

I was initially going to use these beads

but decided I didn't like the rainbow effect (think if there is enough left over yarn I won't rip it back just sew up the sides and ta da.. mobile phone cover.

These are the beads I decided to go with, they're like an iridescent Cognac colour

I've done the left front and 80% of the right front (its taken about 2 weeks)

Next weekend I'll be searching for the buttons for this, and also some ribbon as I think I'll line the button/hole garter stitch band with ribbon as well.

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