Saturday, September 29, 2007

'Spose I should introduce myself...

A bit about me - well I love to knit! Though very short of time given I have 2 toddlers work full time and study as well, I knit when ever I have free time.

I knit in public, while commuting.

I learnt to knit from my mum, many years ago, just a basic cast on and off, knit, purl and simple increases and decreases. I spent many hours watching her knitting though - fair isle and cables were a speciality.

I decided to pick up the needles again only a few months ago and fearless or maybe stupid I am - I don't think anything is too hard (except the butterfly dress from Rowan magazine, currently on my lust list) and have done 2 hats, 2 dresses for my daughter, 2 pairs of mittens - in the round!!! - a entrelac cushion cover for my dad and finally I'm working on something for myself - a beaded cardigan.

Sadly my stash is minimal. Though my partner tolerates my knitting he has made rules:
1. You shall have only 1 project at a time
2.You must finish project before purchasing more yarn
3. Yarn can be purchased for a specific project - you may not purchase yarn to hoard.

Think that's enough about me for now

Will have pictures soon.... :)

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