Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You'd never guess I got my Ravelry invite..

Like 2 months ago, haven't posted for ages. Just not enough hours in a day, what with work, uni, kids and of course ravelry. Blogging is hard work :P

Monday, October 8, 2007

I think I have a problem...

Just updated the Lust List and I have a problem... It does appear I am addicted to cardigans, and Rowan patterns.

Actually I think the bigger problem is not enough money to buy all the yarn and not enough time to knit all these


Not much progress on Martha, 'tis taking so long!!! Damn 4 ply. I cant face any more of her at the moment so I have started Branching Out . Finding the technical side of it ok, though I am bugged that I can't seem to remember the pattern repeats, and I can't 'read' it, so to speak. I need to refer to the pattern for every stitch. I'm sure lace will get easier as I knit more of it.

Will have some photos of Branching Out in a few days

Saturday, September 29, 2007

UFO in progress

This is the Martha Cardigan from Rowan magazine number 37. I'm doing the beaded version with Rowan 4 ply cotton in Steel Blue.

Takes such a long time to knit with and its kinda dry to touch while knitting, though its quite a soft fabric once finished.

I was initially going to use these beads

but decided I didn't like the rainbow effect (think if there is enough left over yarn I won't rip it back just sew up the sides and ta da.. mobile phone cover.

These are the beads I decided to go with, they're like an iridescent Cognac colour

I've done the left front and 80% of the right front (its taken about 2 weeks)

Next weekend I'll be searching for the buttons for this, and also some ribbon as I think I'll line the button/hole garter stitch band with ribbon as well.

'Spose I should introduce myself...

A bit about me - well I love to knit! Though very short of time given I have 2 toddlers work full time and study as well, I knit when ever I have free time.

I knit in public, while commuting.

I learnt to knit from my mum, many years ago, just a basic cast on and off, knit, purl and simple increases and decreases. I spent many hours watching her knitting though - fair isle and cables were a speciality.

I decided to pick up the needles again only a few months ago and fearless or maybe stupid I am - I don't think anything is too hard (except the butterfly dress from Rowan magazine, currently on my lust list) and have done 2 hats, 2 dresses for my daughter, 2 pairs of mittens - in the round!!! - a entrelac cushion cover for my dad and finally I'm working on something for myself - a beaded cardigan.

Sadly my stash is minimal. Though my partner tolerates my knitting he has made rules:
1. You shall have only 1 project at a time
2.You must finish project before purchasing more yarn
3. Yarn can be purchased for a specific project - you may not purchase yarn to hoard.

Think that's enough about me for now

Will have pictures soon.... :)